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What we do

We are a small group of British native-speaking professionals who provide a range of online English language consulting services to help you with any English language related issues. Whether you are an individual, business or organisation and would like to know how to correctly and professionally present a document, email or piece of text, then we can help you. If you are an academic and write English language research papers for publication and need advice with editing or proofreading, then we can help you. Likewise if you are creating a website and need help creating and writing English language content, again we would be more than happy to help you!

English Consulting

If you are having trouble editing and writing documents, emails, or reports in English and would like online advice from professional British native speakers on how to get the English right, then we can help you. The online English consulting service we provide helps you to present English documents and texts of all kinds that communicate your ideas and message in the correct way, so you can be confident when communicating with clients and individuals in English speaking countries.

If you are looking to apply for a job or university course in an English speaking country, then you may benefit from one to one online coaching in being interviewed in English, writing an impressive CV, or preparing a personal statement for your university application.

You can speak online with a member of our team, or simply send your document(s) to be reviewed by us.

Scientific Consulting

Funding and grants
Lectures and conferences
Writing reviews

If you are an academic trying to publish an article in an English language journal and need help getting the English right, then you will benefit from using our online editing and proofreading service. You can meet online and discuss your paper, or send in your paper for checking and meet online once your paper has been checked. We can help you edit and proofread the English so that your paper reads fluently using the correct expressions and phrases, and is free from language errors and mistakes. At the same time we provide you with helpful comments and remarks that will help you improve writing papers in the future.

As an academic and researcher you may depend on acquiring the appropriate funding or being successful in grant proposals to do the research that you require. If you would like to get professional advice online on how to successfully negotiate the funding and grant proposal process, then you can speak to a member of our team who is experienced in applying for funding and grants. They will be able to advice you on how to make a successful application and deal with the various challenges and obstacles.

If you are an academic preparing to present a lecture or talk at a conference and need help editing your lecture, presentation or talk, then you will benefit from our online editing service. Likewise, you can prepare for your lecture or talk by practicing your English delivery and presentation online with a British native speaker. This way you can be sure you are using the right language to communicate your ideas and message, and this can give you the necessary confidence when when lecturing and presenting talks in English.

You may have been asked to review a scientific paper for a publication but are struggling to word your review in the right way, or are unsure of the review you have written. We can help you prepare and write the review in a manner that reflects your professional judgement and opinion in the best way. Simply send in your review for consideration or speak to someone online for a consultation. This will help you ensure that you present yourself in the best light when offering your professional judgement and opinion in the English language.

Copywriting and Editing

Creating web-content
Editing and proofreading
Blog content
Social media

Are you an online business looking to create a webpage in English then we can help you create an English content page that successfully promotes your business or service in the right way. Creating web content is all about choosing a style and tone of language that represents you, your business, product or service in the best possible way. We will spend as much time needed to understand you and your business, in order to be able to present you as accurately and effectively as possible. English webpages now are some of the most far-reaching webpages on the web, so by creating excellent English web content you can ensure you are reaching the farthest audience and market possible.

If you already have an English webpage but are not entirely sure or happy with the content, then we can help edit and proofread the content to bring it up to the best standard possible. You may be unsure about how you have communicated your business brand and idea, so we can help you to improve and polish that, while enhancing the message that you wish to communicate to your audience and clients. Having English web content that reads easily and fluently is vitally important, as visitors to your webpage will build their first impression based on what they read and see on your page.

Having blog content maybe a great way for you to promote your business or organisation, however you may lack the ability, confidence or simply time to create content to promote and inform your audience or clients. We can work with you to create effective blog posts, which is a great way for you to educate and inform your clients and potential clients, while helping to spread your business and ideas through the web. Blog posts can be long or short, and include your ideas or thoughts on a particular issue, problem or subject that you would like to inform people about in an interesting way. This can be a very effective way of building legitimacy and trust with people in your target audience.

It is becoming increasingly important to keep your audience and clients informed and up-to-date, however you may lack the know-how and time to create social media posts. Social media posts should be short and sweet, and should aim to share and spread select information with your existing and potential audience and clients.

Why Us

-All British native speaking professionals

-An excellent and passionate knowledge of the English language

-Provide a personal and friendly service

-Experienced in successfully helping academics publish their papers

-Dedicated to creating impressive English web content