What I do

I am an experienced British native-speaking English tutor, language parent and English consultant, who provides a range of online language services. At The English Hub I provide online conversational English tuition and language parenting, online English language consultation, editing and proofreading. I do this by bringing together a wealth of knowledge to create an experience that allows you to improve your English in an informative, interesting and stimulating way. You can discuss and explore the widest variety of subjects and interests, while being comfortable in the knowledge that your mistakes are being corrected to help you improve and ultimately become a better English speaker.

Learning another language is not only learning different words for the same things, but learning another way to think about things.
‒ Flora Lewis author of Polish Volcano: A Case History of Hope (1959).

Why Me

Through experience I have learnt everyone is different in the way they learn, or in the interests and abilities they have. So I offer you the opportunity to share and discuss your unique interests as a way of learning English online that is relevant to you. Formerly based in the heart of Warsaw, but now near the sea in Aarhus, Denmark, I provide a comfortable and supportive online environment in which to use and practice your English to the highest level. This is because I love working with children and adults alike to achieve their true language learning potential. I work with a wide variety of people from children and students, to academics and professionals from many different fields, such as the academic and clinical sciences, the arts and humanities, design and engineering, business and marketing, and even film, radio, theatre and TV. Most importantly, I believe learning English can be and should be immensely fun and rewarding.

The English

English for children
English for groups
English for CELAs

The beauty of one-to-one online English learning with a native speaker is that you can improve simply by using your English. The fact is that most people struggle to improve their English as they do not have the chance to use the language in a natural way. One-to-one learning online allows you to cover every aspect of the language through lively, interesting and intelligent discussion. You can also receive help for CV writing, interview preparation, proofreading, or even British university applications. Through one-to-one learning online you can develop a real working knowledge of the language and not just a theoretical one, and learning English simply becomes a pleasure.

Children can benefit hugely from regular one-to-one online English tuition and language parenting as they get to speak and listen to English in a natural way. I provide an active and informative online English learning experience by playing games, doing exercises, and constantly engaging your child in interesting discussions. I focus a great deal on improving your child’s reading skills as this is one of the best ways to improve their general English, and to do this I use a wide range of reading material. I also work on grammar and vocabulary but usually through a mixture of exercises and games. I also take children outside for lessons as it can be extremely stimulating and fun, and children simply learn best when they are happy.

If you are looking for a more conversational based online learning experience for your company or organisation, then I provide online group based conversational classes in which I encourage students to use English through discussing a range of interesting debates, issues, and topics. During these online debates and discussions I help students by correcting their mistakes, and suggesting lots of helpful expressions and vocabulary. This style of learning helps students to become more confident when using English, and develop many soft skills that are useful for communicating, negotiating or working in the English language.

If you wish to sit one of the Cambridge English Language Assessment exams (CELAs), especially the PET, FCE, CAE, CPE, or IELTS, then I can help you prepare through working on the standard CELAs learning material, and through online conversational learning. In addition I also provide you with many exam strategies and tips that build your confidence for sitting the exams. In short, the best way to prepare for the CELAs is through studying the widest range of materials and topics, conversing as much as possible while being corrected, and also regularly writing essays and letters in English, and using feedback and comments to improve. Preparing for the CELAs through a more conversational approach can make your preparation a pleasure.


About Me

I am a British born and educated English tutor. I studied analytic philosophy at Birkbeck College, University of London. I have extensive experience tutoring people in English, having started teaching English in Kazakhstan in 2002, while working for Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO) and was also involved in training Kazakh amateur boxers. Likewise, I have experience working in various other industries, including amateur and professional sport. I have a very wide range of interests from the humanities and philosophy, to the sciences and technology, and likewise popular culture, film and TV. Being Punjabi-Sikh I am a bilingual English/Punjabi speaker and a have passionate interest in Indian culture and languages, and specifically Sikh history. I am also a great enthusiast of Polish culture, history, language, and society. I love helping people of all cultures and backgrounds achieve their English language potential.

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